Prepare for your marriage

Marriage Consultation and Enrichment


Many couples make meticulous arrangements for their wedding, but don’t fully prepare for what follows – their marriage.  Marital education and consultation is the best investment into your future together as a married couple that you could EVER make.  Marriage Consultation and Enrichment helps couples focus on their relationship beyond the wedding day.  

The Marriage Consultation and Enrichment Program cost is $360.  

Qualifying couples can opt for the one day six hour seminar - just ask me how!

Counseling sessions also available via video chat.

As a certified Prepare/Enrich Relationship Consultant, I work with you to help enhance your relationship and assist in establishing the groundwork for a successful and healthy marriage.  A detailed customized assessment is used to get a clearer view of your relationship, and helps me get to know you on a deeper level.  The assessment was developed by Prepare/Enrich, and is the leading relationship inventory and couple assessment tool.  This program was scientifically validated as a foundational program for premarital counseling, marriage enrichment, couples therapy, marriage mentoring and marriage education. The questionnaire automatically tailors the content to fit each couple’s unique relationship stage and family structure. 

The program resembles counseling in the sense that it helps couples address matters that they would  have trouble acknowledging or speaking about without the assistance of a mediator.  I use the results to tailor a six-session plan specific to you and your relationship needs. The goals of Marriage Consultation and Enrichment are: 

* Explore strength and growth areas  

* Strengthen communication skills  

* Identify and manage major stressors  

* Conflict resolution 

* Develop a more balanced relationship  

* Understand personality differences and maximize teamwork   

In order to get honest and specific answers, you and your partner will complete the assessment separately.  Based upon the results of your assessment, the exercises, discussions, and goals are modified to ensure maximum preparation and success.  The goals and results are the same as counseling and therapy, but the methods of delivery are a bit different.  Six 50-60 minute sessions will consist of exercises, discussions, games, and other personalized relationship tools to help you prepare for your marriage in a fun, judgement free, and open-minded environment.   At the end of the six sessions, you and your partner will have a stronger connection and be equipped with the information and knowledge for a long lasting, happy marriage! 

The Modern Officiant does not have to officiate your wedding in order for you to take advantage of the Marriage Consultation and Enrichment Program!  (But you will want me to - trust me!)​

*I am authorized to certify the Certification Of Completion Of Qualifying Premarital Education for couples applying for a marriage license in accordance with the State of Georgia.*