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JEMELLE WOOTEN Specializing in non-traditional and LGBTQ WEDDINGS


The Officiating Process

 I will perform your wedding, vow renewal, or elopement – whichever union you desire. I will incorporate any traditions and rituals that you wish to include in your ceremony. No ceremony is too big or too small. I can meet you and your fiancé to witness you exchanging "I do's" and signing your marriage license, or officiate your lavish ceremony! 


It is really important that you are comfortable booking my services and this is why I offer a free no-obligation initial consultation before you sign any contracts or enter any verbal agreements. I prefer to have this meeting in person because just as carefully as you are choosing me, I am also choosing you. It is very important that we are able to work TOGETHER to create the perfect ceremony - just so we can get a feel for one another, and I can see you and your fiance together and see how you interact, your personalities, etc. If distance or time will not allow for this, provisions can be made. I will ask you questions about what you feel is important to include in your ceremony and learn about your relationship. Also, there is no time limit in this initial meeting. If you decide to employ me as your officiant, I will send you your contract and initial invoice. Once you have signed your contract and paid your 50% retainer (which goes toward your final balance), we can schedule a planning meeting if necessary. It is possible that we would have talked about everything you want in your ceremony at the initial meeting, but if not, we will accomplish that in this meeting. Future meetings can also be done via video or phone call. This process is to ensure that your ceremony reflects your beliefs, personalities, love for one another, and desires. Your ceremony can be as traditional or unique as you wish.  


Questionnaires are sent to each of you once the contract has been signed. This is to give me a clearer view of your relationship and personalities in order to create a personalized and custom ceremony. I send these once your contract has been signed. When they are returned, I begin planning your ceremony for you. I absolutely LOVE when clients are involved in the process of composing their ceremony. If you have readings, traditions, poems, etc that you want included, please let me know! This is your wedding, and everything will go the way you want it to! So, input is always welcome and appreciated! 

Many couples write their own vows, and I HIGHLY encourage this. When writing your own vows, remember who you are vowing to, and what you are vowing to do. No one knows your intended like you do. You know the things that make him/her feel loved, adored, appreciated, etc. So these are the things that you should vow. Have fun, be creative and enjoy this process! I am more than happy to assist with or even write your vows for you based off our interaction and information about your lives and relationship you have provided.


I will arrive at your ceremony 30-60 minutes early to help coordinate with your guests and vendors, and to get ready for the processional, if necessary. I will deliver the ceremony that we have discussed and ensure it is a memorable experience for you and your attendees. I normally wear a black pants suit to officiate, but I would love to coordinate the color of my shirt or accessories with the wedding party. Also, I LOVE uniqueness and open-mindedness! If you are planning a theme wedding, just let me know so that I can join in the fun! Though I am very professional, I am not your typical officiant!


It will be your responsibility to acquire your marriage license before the wedding. I prefer to take possession of the license prior to the ceremony. You will be so busy afterwards, so we want to take care of the legalities first! I will sign the license after the ceremony, and unless we have specified differently, I will file the license with the appropriate court.