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JEMELLE WOOTEN Specializing in non-traditional and LGBTQ WEDDINGS

Frequently asked questions

The Modern Officiant

How long have you been officiating weddings? 
I performed my very first wedding on April 22, 2016.  I began officiating after my own wedding in 2016.  I wanted people of all walks of life to feel comfortable with who was going to marry them and be a part of the most important day of their life.  I specialize in same sex/LGBTQ weddings.  As LGBTQ people, we experience enough hate and discrimination in everyday life.  I believe we shouldn’t have to experience those hardships with something we have fought so hard for – the right to marry the one we love. GO MARRIAGE EQUALITY!  Though I specialize in LGBTQ weddings, I marry EVERYONE!  I do not discriminate – I marry all couples who are in love!

What types of ceremonies do you perform? 
I will perform pretty much anything you both desire – no sacrifices or human/animal weddings though!  I strongly encourage you to incorporate your ideas into your wedding, and not just to leave everything up to me. Though I have quite a bit of experience in this area, I enjoy personal touches. My motto is the more creative, the better!  I work closely with you and your fiance to create their vision to make their day as special and as memorable as possible.


Do you offer Marital Counseling?

Yes! Click here for details

What happens if you are unable to perform our wedding? 
Life happens – and I am human….hence, I have a life!  Emergencies do arise in every profession, and an officiant is not exempt.  If by some reason (hasn’t happened yet) I am unable to perform your wedding, I have other officiants that I am associated with who have been vetted by me that can back me up.  You will not be left hanging high and dry! 

Your fees are higher than another officiant I contacted.  Will you match their price?
Without a doubt, the most uncomfortable part of the conversation between couples and vendors is the pricing.  But while uncomfortable, it is necessary.  It is true that you can find someone who is willing to perform your wedding for a low fee.  Every couple has to consider their budget.  But you also get with you pay for.  As a certified and licensed wedding professional who takes a lot of pride in her work, I put in a lot of hours of creativity and travel to make your wedding day memorable.  Respect the professionalism and value of the officiant, all the work,  and the time that goes into your ceremony, and not just the money.  

Do you charge to attend the rehearsal? 
No, I do not.  Rehearsals are included in my fees.  I am not able to attend all rehearsals due to scheduling conflicts, but I make every effort to.  Often, I have weddings on Fridays, Saturdays, and sometimes Sundays, so if the rehearsal conflicts with another wedding, I am not able to attend.  If I am not able to make it, I touch base with you and/or planner to ensure I am up to speed on everything. 

Will you refund my retainer if my plans change? 
Whenever I receive your retainer, I block off that specified time for your wedding, and I don’t accept other work at that time.  Because I turn away other potential clients in order to preserve your date, retainers are not refunded.

Are you a part of a specific religion or religious group? 
Though I am an ordained minister,  (required to perform marriages within the state of Georgia), I am not affiliated with a specific religious denomination or church.  I aim to create the perfect ceremony for you, and make it about you and your fiance rather than a religious deity or beliefs.  However, I will perform a religious ceremony if you desire.  

Do you have any recommendations for venues? 
I have a list of venues in the Atlanta area for weddings that I am fairly familiar with that I share with couples I have contracts with.  Often, I am asked if I know places where people can have a “free” wedding.  In those cases, I advise couples to do their own research to ensure there are no conflicts with other events, fees, etc.  I can offer my opinion and advice on suggested locations.  This is something that is spelled out in my contract.   

How long do your ceremonies last? 
I create and build my ceremonies around your wants, needs, and wishes.  Keep in mind that processions, readings, music, and unity ceremonies play a big factor in how long the ceremony will last.  Generally, they do not go beyond 20 minutes.  I don’t charge by the hour so there are no concerns there! 

Do you travel? 
ABSOLUTELY! This gives my wife and I an opportunity to see different venues and other parts of the country.  I am able to perform weddings in all 50 states, though I primarily service the metro Atlanta, GA area.  

Do you file the marriage license or do we?
Unless otherwise specified, I will file the license with the appropriate court after the wedding.  Many couples (especially those who elope) choose to file it themselves because they need the marriage certificate quickly.  There are counties in Ga that require the license to be mailed in, and these will be handled on a case by case basis.